Are children allowed to attend the event?
Yes, children 10 and under must be accompanied by a parent and do not require a ticket. 11 and older must purchase a ticket or the minimum of the "Roughin' It" package if they plan to camp overnight.
Is tax included in the price of the tickets and camping packages?
Yes, tax is included in the price. There will be a $5 handling charge added to each transaction.
Can I have more than 4 people if I purchase the "Motel Livin" package?
No, the max allowed in the motel rooms is 4 adults in a 4 person package and 2 adults i the 2 person package, you will be given 2 or 4 event wristbands and 2 or 4 unlimited shuttle wristbands to and from your hotel to Diamondhead Resort.
Can I have more than 15 people in the bunkhouse if I purchase the"Party House" package?
No, 15 people are the max allowed in each bunkhouse. You will be given 15 wristbands and 4 parking spots in front of the bunkhoses. 
Is payment due in full at the time of purchase?
Yes, payment will need to be made in full at time of purchase.
What supplies can we bring to our campsites?

You will be able to bring food, necessities and your own alcoholic beverages, but they will not be allowed into the concert area. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase within the gated music area. NO GLASS ALLOWED! There is a general store on the resort which will have all basic needs and beer available for purchase.

All campfires must be contained within a fire pit or fire ring

What if my will call check in Information changes?

All changes to designated check in persons MUST be approved by Sept 1st and sent to info@medicinestoneok.com

Once approved, the person picking up the tickets will have to have a letter from the person originally listed as the will call name authorizing the new pick up and it must contain a copy of the original purchasers drivers license.

Will I be able to use my camper on a "Roughin' It" campsite?

All trailers, campers, travel trailers, 5th wheels, RV's and coaches will be required to pay the upcharge based on the type and length. Please see the RV Upgrade package for details, pricing and purchasing.

RV Upgrade fee does not include the Roughin' It ticket required to camp and attend the event, these must be purchased separately.

Will I be allowed to park my vehicle at my campsite?

Only ONE vehicle will be allowed to stay parked at the "Fire Up The Bass" package campsites.

At all the "Roughin' It" (tent camping) sites, only ONE vehicle will be allowed to stay parked per campsite. No vehicles will be allowed to drive into or out of the camping areas after dark.

Are you allowing outside vendors to sell their own products?

No unauthorized soliciting, distributing. sampling, flyers or giveaways etc. Please contact Medicine Stone at medicinestoneinfo@gmail.com to inquire about vendor opportunities

If I buy tickets when I arrive is there an up charge?
Tickets not purchased during the presale period will have a $5 up charge when purcahsed at the event.
Can we bring our own golf cart/gator/ATV to the Medicine Stone?
No.  Golf carts, gators, ATVs and all other types of small recreational vehicles will NOT be allowed at the event.  Only Medicine Stone staff and law enforcement officials will be permitted to utilize motorized vehicles on site.
Are the grounds open to camp the week leading up to the event?

Diamondhead Resort campgrounds is closed until check-in begins on Thursday at 9am. 

The Gravel Bar and Grill is open regular business hours.

Which hotel(s) do the Medicine Stone shuttles run to and from?
Only partnered Medicine Stone hotels will have shuttle pick up and drop off. Unlimited shuttle rides are available for the Motel Livin' package holders.
Are pets allowed?
Dogs are allowed on the campgrounds, but must be kept on a leash at all times. They are not allowed inside the concert gates.
Are chairs, blankets or icechests allowed inside the concert gates?
You may bring chairs or blankets into the concert area, but no outside food or drink is allowed inside the gates.
Can I bring my camera?

Professional cameras or video cameras are not allowed inside the concert area

Are umbrellas allowed into the concert area?
No, umbrellas will not be allowed when entering the concert gates. You can have them at your campsite.
Can I bring my hoverboard or segway?
No, hoverboards and segways are not allowed on the campgrounds
Can I bring my drone?

Drones and all remote control aircrafts are restricted from use at campgrounds and in the concert area.

When is Early check-in and who is eligible?

Early check-in will be available Wednesday September 18th from 4-8pm at the Gravel Bar located at the front entrance of Diamondhead Resort. Only accomodation packages (Roughin' It, Reserved Camping, Bunkhouses and Motel packages) are eligible for this check in option. This is for wristband pick-up only and no purchases can be made at this time. 

**Reserved campsites for Dark & Dirty Mile, Morgan Street, Normal Street, Fire Up The Bass and Easton & Main will have access to the grounds on Wednesday at 4pm after check in to set up. No additional members of your party beyond the 4 included in your package are granted this access and must wait until Thursday morning to enter the grounds. You may not set up any additional camping.Roughin' It camping packages will not be allowed on the grounds until 8am on Thursday morning. This option is to help expedite the long lines Thursday morning. There will be a separate line for those who took advantage of Early Check-in. ALL passengers in the vehicles in this line MUST have their wristbands ON and will be checked. If you have any passengers that have not picked up their wristbands you must go through the Will Call/ Check-In line.**

What time do the grounds open to begin set up of campsites?

The campgrounds are CLOSED until 9am on Thursday. No one will be allowed access to the grounds until this time.

I have a question regarding the Glamping Package Upgrades

Upon arriving at the festival please go to the Will Call/Check-in tent. You will receive your festival credentials and be directed to the Backwoods Grove to check in with the Backwoods staff for tent assignment and instructions.

Opening Act Packages do not include bed linens

You can email us at info@medicinestoneok.com